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What are the financial advantages of electric driving?

Leasing a fully electric car (privately) offers several financial advantages compared to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

SEPP subsidy for the purchase of new and used electric vehicles

The SEPP is a subsidy scheme for individuals who buy or privately lease a new or used, fully electric vehicle. In 2024, the subsidy amount for a new electric car will be €2,950 and for a used car €2,000,-. You can read the exact terms and conditions here

Exemption from BPM

Fully electric vehicles are fully exempt from BPM at the time of purchase until 2024.

Exemption from MRB

In principle, motor vehicle tax (MRB) must be paid for every passenger car. However, EVs are completely exempt from MRB through 2024.
However, this discount will be phased out in the coming years. You can read about the steps in which this happens here.

Low addition

Do you also use your electric lease car privately, or are you an entrepreneur who also uses his business electric car privately? Then you pay a lower additional tax rate than for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

Lower cost of electricity than fuel

When we write this (February 2024), with the current electricity and fuel prices, you will be cheaper per kilometer with an EV than with a car with an internal combustion engine. Of course, this depends on your energy contract and where and when you charge.

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