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Which electric cars are currently available? 

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Electric vehicles (EVs) have made significant progress in recent years and have become increasingly popular with consumers around the world. So many people, so many wishes. So manufacturers have developed a wide range of electric cars to suit different needs and preferences. In this article, you’ll learn why the popularity will continue to grow, what different types of electric vehicles are currently available and what overview you can use to orient yourself further.  

Electric vehicles as the future of mobility.  

Electric driving is on the rise. The range of electric vehicles has increased considerably in recent years. This is good news, of course, but it also makes choosing your favourite car more difficult. Manufacturers now offer a wide range of models. Whether compact city cars, luxury sedans, spacious SUVs or even trucks, there is an electric vehicle for almost every application. 

And the number of options is growing. Continued advances and investments in battery technology are making electric cars even more attractive. The range of electric cars will increase, charging times will become shorter, and charging infrastructure will continue to expand. All this means that electric driving is becoming easier and more accessible.  

Moreover, if more and more people start driving electric, it will have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable mobility. This is a big plus because reducing carbon emissions from mobility is a major issue.  

Electric car overview 

Which electric car suits your lifestyle, budget and climate ambitions? It’s worth looking into the different cars available out there.  

Electric passenger cars are the most common and well-known. They range from compact city cars to spacious sedans and SUVs. In addition to passenger cars, electric trucks and commercial vehicles are also available.  

Urban electric vehicles are ideal for short distances in urban environments. They are compact, agile and often very efficient. In addition to city cars, luxury electric vehicles are available for those looking for high-end performance and plenty of comfort. The larger vehicles are especially suitable for driving on the motorway. 

The EV database website lists electric vehicles that are currently or will soon be available. This website offers a good overview if you are in the orientation phase of selecting a new electric car. In addition to technical data, the EV database provides accurate real-world fuel consumption per car under various conditions. 

One thing is certain: electric cars are a promising and environmentally friendly option for the future of our mobility. Given the advantages of emission-free driving, lower operating costs and the wide range of available models, the popularity of electric car is growing. The same is true of supply. Have you already made your decision? 

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