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Does an electric car suit my travel habits? 

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It may be quite stressful at first if you want to go electric. After all, how do you determine if driving an electric car suits you? Will choosing electric driving affect your existing travel patterns, and if so, what should you consider? This article will help you answer these questions and determine if an electric car suits your travel habits.    


Perhaps the most important factor in determining whether an electric car suits you: the form of use. Which electric car is suitable if you mainly drive around town? Is that different from when you mostly drive on a motorway? The answer to this is: yes. 

There are good models made for use in cities. These tend to be somewhat smaller electric cars. If you look at the models with more of an SUV shape, they are more suitable for long distances.  


In addition to usage, the range plays a role. The cars in the smallest segments have a driving range of around 150 km; in the middle class, it is between 250-400 km and in the higher classes around 450 km. 

Looking at the range, for most people, that means they need to recharge their battery once or twice a week. This can usually be done at home on the charger or at their destination. So, an electric car fits in with many Dutch people’s travel habits without many adjustments.  


How often you should charge has to do with the size of your battery, the efficiency of the car and the speed of your charging facilities, among other things. Do you drive more than 350 kilometres in a day? Then it’s important to plan your route and consider charging options on the road and at your destination. This takes some getting used to at first, but you’ll find that you become more comfortable with it over time.  

Does an electric car fit into your travel habits? For many people, their current answer is yes. An all-electric car will not fit your travel habits (yet) only if you regularly drive hundreds of kilometres a day and are unwilling or unable to adjust your travel habits.     

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